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Sustainable Global Gardens is a UK-registered NGO dedicated to the eradication of global poverty and hunger.  Within SGG there are approximately 50 people who provide voluntary time, financial support, advice etc to enable our various projects to progress. There is no formal membership, nor any annual subscription fee.  Our group can include anyone anywhere, who is prepared to commit significant resources to the task of eradication of extreme global poverty and hunger.


Members activities include the following:

Paul Keeley is Managing Director of SGG.  He has 6 years volunteer teaching experience in rural Africa and 10 years development work practice.  Many of his current activities involve the promotion of tree planting and conservation work.  Here he is giving an impromptu lesson to pupils at Gwanda Primary School in Kwale on the many benefits which can be obtained from Azadirachta indica.  This school has an excellent plantation of such trees.

Mick Farmer is a design and marketing consultant as well as a Director of SGG. Mick has some African experience in both Tanzania and Malawi, but his main activity within SGG is responsibility for SGG’s publicity material.

Carole Keeley is SGG’s Treasurer as well as a regular volunteer for fieldwork in Kenya.  One of her main tasks is fieldwork in Kenya monitoring the progress of the Orphans and Vulnerable children groups.  She also manages the website and acts as office assistant.

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