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There are several other projects mentioned in SGG's Annual Reports, which have not yet been considered here.  This is because SGG personnel have been so occupied with the demands of the first four projects that we have found insufficient time or funds to maintain initial progress with other work.  Also some projects have come to a halt simply because our partners in East Africa have yet to complete their agreed tasks.  Nevertheless, SGG would like to continue with some of these 'neglected' project as soon as our resources increase.  This is obviously a situation where  assistance from our readers can enable a project to continue.  If you wish to be involved in a development project which contributes to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, contact us to discuss how you can best help.

CIFORD women's group

 Children in Malawi  

Classroom in Matilyo, Zambia

Tree nursery in Rombo District, Tanzania

[See top left] CIFORD, a women's group based near Maua, is giving out clay linings for portable stoves ['jikos'].  We have assisted CIFORD before and would like to continue doing so. [See top right] these are children in Malawi.  SGG is now looking for a partner to start a small project in Malawi.  [See bottom left] Many classes in Zambia, like this one in Matilyo, Kapiri Mposhi, are very crowded.  SGG would like to have sufficient funds to continue our support here. [See bottom right] We believe SGG can be most helpful to our partners when we focus on tasks where we have most field experience e.g. tree-planting, horticulture.  Here is a local tree nursery for a tree-planting group in Rombo District, Tanzania..

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