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You can help by either making a one off donation or setting up a standing order. All money donated in this way will go directly to projects not to administrative costs.

If you would like to specify which project you would like to support we will make sure your donation goes to that project and keep you updated as to progress.

Download standing order form

If you are able to Gift Aid any donation we will be able to claim back an extra 25% from taxes that you have paid.

Download Gift Aid form


Are you a company that would like to support our projects?  Planting trees for carbon offsetting would be mutually beneficial.  We can calculate carbon offsetting for any trees planted.  Do you send paper Christmas cards?  Why not consider sending an electronic card and donating the savings to a project.


This is a way you increase our funds at no cost to yourself.  If you shop online please consider signing up to easyfundraising and making us your sponsored charity.


1. For the most popular multipurpose  species [e.g. Grevillea, Moringa, Markhamia, Acrocarpus] we purchase seedlings for 20p/seedling.

Click here to donate to 20p seedlings via Charity Checkout


2 We recommend that donors consider paying for care of seedlings for the first 2 years.  This means that a 40p payment is made for every 20p seedling alive after 2 years.  This provides much needed household income.

Click here to donate to supported seedlings via Charity Checkout


3. Fruit trees [, avocado] are more expensive to buy but much needed to improve nutrition among both children and adults.  They cost £1 per tree.

Click here to donate to fruit trees via Charity Checkout



Some of our supporters would like the opportunity to travel. You can do this by undertaking short-term voluntary work at one of our projects. Please note

  • all our volunteers are self-funded.

  • volunteers need to work for at least a month before they are going to have a significant positive impact on the host community.

  • We support the principles of ecotourism, but we are not in that business. If you are willing to pay for the privilege of working unpaid under difficult conditions for four weeks or more, we can offer you the possibility of a life-changing experience. 

  • We can give training and advise on travel arrangements.  


You do not have to go to Africa to be an SGG volunteer.  Several volunteers help with administrative tasks.  Others browse this website, select which project they wish to support, and  then organise fund-raising events so that they can financially support their chosen project. This may be useful experience for anyone who is thinking of volunteering abroad in the future.


You do not need to be resident in the UK to be a volunteer.  What you need to do is  

Contact us.


Several of our supporters like to concentrate all their efforts on one specific project. Some of them have the time, energy and skills to take responsibility for that project. We encourage supporters to ‘adopt’ and manage a project of their choice because this will enable Sustainable Global Gardens to make a much greater contribution to the eradication of global poverty and hunger. 


Please Contact us if you are in interested in sponsoring a project


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