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Welcome to ESRAG’s ‘Heart 4Trees’ programme. This is not a single project, but rather a cluster of many projects with the unifying theme of trees. Some projects are small with work being done by a few individuals: others are large with hundreds of participants from more than one country. Some projects aim to bring beauty and greater biodiversity to a small corner of the community, while others are more concerned with improving environmental conditions on small-scale farms in order to alleviate global poverty and hunger. All project partners are aware of the multiple benefits of trees, and most view trees has having a critical role to play in the climate change crisis which humanity must now face. Many have responded to climate change and other environmental problems, such as desertification, flooding, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity etc by tree-planting, but other projects have emphasised the value of forest restoration and rewilding. Here there are a host of different projects but they all see great value in trees, more trees for a better future.

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