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1. For the most popular multipurpose  species [e.g. Grevillea, Moringa, Markhamia, Acrocarpus] we purchase seedlings for 20p/seedling.

Click here to donate 20p per seedling via Charity Checkout


2. We recommend that donors consider paying for care of seedlings for the first 2 years.  This means that a 40p payment is made for every 20p seedling alive after 3 years.[60p total /tree].  This provides much needed household income while the tree is growing.

Click here to donate 60p per seedling via Charity Checkout


3. Fruit trees [, avocado] are more expensive to buy but much needed to improve nutrition among both children and adults.  They cost £1 per tree.

Click here to donate £1 per fruit trees via Charity Checkout

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